Amazon Fashion Refresh Quiz-Win Rs.4000 {17 June}

 Amazon Fashion Refresh Quiz-Win Rs.4000

1. This American brand invented ‘Blue Jeans’ in partnership with Jacob Davis in 1871 and recently celebrated the 145th birthday of jeans. Which brand was it?

The answer is:- Levi’s

2. Which of these popular styles of sunglasses were originally developed in 1936 for military pilots to protect their eyes while flying?

The answer is:- Aviators

3. This footwear and apparel brand shares its name with an American wildcat, which also features in its logo. Which brand is it?

The answer is:- PUMA

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4. The Wardrobe Refresh Sale on offers several benefits and discounts on clothing, footwear and fashion accessories. When does it go live for all customers?

The answer is:- 21st June 2018

5. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of shopping at Amazon Fashion during the Wardrobe Refresh Sale?

The answer is:- Free hugs on every purchase

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