Amazon Quiz Answers 10 April- Answer and win a Redmi 6 Pro

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Amazon Quiz Answers 10 April


  • If you open your mouth wide, you will see a fleshy piece of tissue hanging like a pendulum. It is above your tongue at the back. What is this elongated, hanging structure called?

Ans- Uvula

  • The first fully solar-powered airport in the world is in India. Where will you find it?

Ans- Kochi

  • Dr. Abdul Kalam visited a country on 26th May, 2005, and they declared it as their National Science Day. Which country was it?

Ans- Switzerland

  • The Pentium chip was produced by USA’s Intel Corporation n 1993. But an Indian engineer is popularly known as being the ‘Father of the Pentium Chip’, for his contributions towards its development. Who is it?

Ans- Vinod Dham

  • Alia Bhatt won the 2019 Filmfare award for her work in Raazi. The actor who played her husband, also won a Filmfare award for ‘Best Supporting Actor’ for Sanju. Who is the actor?

Ans- Vicky Kaushal

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