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Amazon Quiz Answers 15 April


  • The Game of Thrones TV show is based on the fantasy novel series ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ . Who is the author to this book series?

Ans- Geroge R.R Martin

  • In the series ‘Game of Thrones’, the White Walkers are vulnerable to which of these materials?

Ans-  Dragonglass

  • In the Game of Thrones series, what’s the name of the band of assassins that Arya Stark joins in Braavos?

Ans-  Faceless Man

  • What character does Priyanka Chopra’s sister-in-law play in the Game of Thrones series?

Ans- Sansa Stark

  • Where can you take a selfie while sitting on the real Iron Throne used in the filming of Game of Thrones?

Ans- Croatia

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