Amazon’s New Seller Commission & Other Fees (Jan 1st, 2020)

Amazon has introduced a new commission and fees draft which is applicable will be applicable from January 1st, 2020. It is great news for the small and big sellers as the commission percentage & shipping charges are reduced in almost all categories.

But there are some few hikes in other charges (Closing fee) which will impact the final adjustment amount. Before updating your prices do calculate the impact of new commission and fees charges category-wise.

Amazon is reducing seller referral fees and commission over 23 products categories, with reduction rating from 1% to 8% on Mobile Phones & Tablets respectively. Based on regular feedback of all sellers in various categories, Amazon has decided to simplified rate card for 4 product categories where Amazon have a different fee structure for products with item selling price is more than 15000. Check TABLE A for more details.

To provide a better experience while shipping large size items through Amazon’s fulfilment channels, Amazon is reducing the fixed minimum weight handling fees for all oversize items in FBA by INR 4 and in EasyShip by INR 50. The charge for every additional kilogram has also been decreased by 26% and 30% respectively for regional shipments and national shipments.
Check TABLE B for complete details.

All other pending fee changes including changes in closing fees as per last notification of Aprile 23, 2019 communication will also go live. Refer TABLE C for complete details.

Important Notes: All the fee types listed above are mentioned excluding Good and Services Tax. Amazon will charge 18% of Goods And Services Tax (GST) to all fees are displayed above.


Amazon Seller Commission 2020

TABLE B: FBA (Excluding Seller Flex) Weight Handling Fees
Amazon Seller Commission 2020TABLE C: EasyShip Weight Handling Fees

Amazon Seller Commission 2020

TABLE D: Closing fee (pending changes from the April 23rd, 2019 communication)

Amazon Seller Commission 2020

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