Facebook Research Progject

Facebook Research Project

Facebook Research program is one of the best paying research project for the individuals of INDIA. Users need to install a mobile app that works in the background on the mobile device. No need to open or perform any task, Just keep the app installed on your phone. Research app generates some stats related to Data usage, Website visits etc on the basis of your usage.

If you have a privacy concern, Do not participate in the research program. We are not responsible for any data theft.

The Facebook research program is one the highest paying survey program Don’t miss the damn opportunity to earn without investments, Just keep the app installed for at least 20days in a month

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Facebook Research project overview

  • Install the app on your primary phone.
  • Give them accessibility and other premissions they ask for.
  • Do not uninstall or use battery saver to kill the app process.
  • Get paid for each month, App must be installed.
  • Get paid for each month your referrals keep the application installed and active.
  • Project: Valid for INDIA only.
  • Start Date: April 1, 2018
  • End Date: At least until the end of 2018
  • Device Requirements: iOS 8.0+, Android 6.0+, smartphones only.

To participate in this program, You need an invite from the active user of Research program, You can comment down your Paypal email id with your proper name, We will send you an invite.

Or create a new account on Paypal from here.

Sign up as Shopper. Verify your Phone, Email & Bank account for payment. Avoid State Bank Of India account if possible.

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  • You will get an invite mail.
  • A registration link will be given in the invite mail.
  • Open and fill the basic info & submit.
  • Wait For reply mail. That reply mail will contain app link and invite code which is to be entered for the activation.
  • Install the app > Enter Invite code > Give all the permission > A VPN service will start {Dont panic} there is nothing to worry about.

Money Payout

  • $5/ Month for keeping the app.
  • $10/Month for each referral that signup for the project within 30 days of you joining the program and remain active for at least 20 days.
  • $5/Month for each referral that signup for the project after 30 days, Rest condition is same as above ^.
  • Earn a $20 bonus per month for every five active referrals (e.g., if you have 10 referrals that were active in a given month, you will earn a $40 bonus that month; if you have 15, you will earn $60, etc.)
  • Monthly payouts on 15th of every month.
  • You can earn up to $700 this year. If you start this program in April.

To maximize your earnings, Refer as many peoples possible, Make sure to keep the application installed.