Flipkart Pay Later Service Launched

Flipkart pay later service

An interesting launch to charm old and loyal customers. India’s biggest e-commerce store has rolled out ‘ BUY NOW,PAY LATER ‘ feature which allows selected customers to buy products on credit. Flipkart pay later service is available only for Flipkart Assured products, from selected sellers (Retail Net, OmniTechRetail, Supercomnet) etc.

This feature is available to select Android app users, not available on web & mobile site.

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  1. Pay later. At your convenience.
  2. One combined bill. Just one payment every month.
  3. Smooth checkout. No need to wait for otp’s , COD verification.
  4. Instant refunds. Real-time settlements.
  5. Useful in urgent transactions.

How it works

  1. Select “Flipkart assured product ” priced 5000 or less.
  2. Add to Cart/ Buy now.
  3. Payment page > Select > flipkart pay later > Click on continue.
  4. Ding Dong. Order placed.

Check limit and usage

  1. Login
  2. Go to “My account”
  3. flipkart pay later
  4. view details

Payment Process

  1. Users will get “APP notifications”, “Alert SMS” on the first of every month, along with bill details and payment link.
  2. Payment modes – Dc, cc, Net banking,phonePE.
  3. Pay your bills by 10th of next month, with any online payment mode.
  4. Limit & Current usage – visit “my account”.

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Terms & condition

  1. Flipkart pay later is a feature extend by select sellers to certain select customers, sellers are extending the option to pay for their orders at a date later than purchase date.
  2. Flipkart pay later is available only on Flipkart assured products and for the select seller.
  3. Statements will be sent on 1st day of every subsequent English calendar month.
  4. The outstanding bill can be paid by the 10th of subsequent month by using online payment modes only.
  5. In event of default, Seller/Flipkart have right to impose penalty.


  1. 100 for outstanding up to Rs 2,000
  2. 200 for outstanding of Rs 2,001-4,001
  3. 400 for outstanding of Rs 4,001- 5000

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