How To File Safe-T Claims On Amazon Seller Central (Step By Step Guide)

What are SAFE-T Claims & How Can you Process it? 

Seller Assurance for Ecommerce Transactions (SAFE-T) enables sellers to claim reimbursement from Amazon for losses incurred due to Easy Ship and MFN Gold program-related issues in accordance with the program policies. This feature is only available for Easy Ship and MFN Gold orders received by sellers.

The seller can request Amazon for reimbursement for the products that are damaged by Amazon during onward or return transit. The seller can also request reimbursement when a return is not received in original condition. Amazon, as per its sole discretion, will reimburse based on the fair market value of the product. As and when the reimbursement associated with a SAFE-T claim is processed, the same would constitute full and final payment and settlement from Amazon for such SAFE-T claim.

Note: All decisions pertaining to SAFE-T Claims shall be undertaken by Amazon as per its sole discretion and as per the program policies, wherein such decision shall be final and binding on the seller.

How to file a safe-t claim for damaged products return

If you are getting damaged products in returns, no need to worry. Amazon provides you complete help regarding that, you can file a request for Safe-T claim. Amazon will review your details and if they find your/seller-provided details are correct and order object damaged during transportation so in this case, Amazon will give you a complete refund of that order.

Steps – Now how can you apply for Safe-T Claim

Requirements for file a Safe-T Claim on Amazon Seller Account

  • Order Id

Safe-t claim Amazon

  • Click on File a new SAFE-T Claim button.
  • Type your order id and search, is order eligible or not for safe-t claim policy?
  • If its eligible for Safe-T Claim, in the next step it’s asking for Indicate the reason for this Safe-T Claim.

Now you need to select a proper reason for Safe-T Claim

You can select any of mentioned reason for your safe-t claim file, if your order is damaged you need to select first option Damage attributable to Amazon during transportation and if you are looking that your product not returned in original condition, like item, is used or bundle is unpacked etc. in this case you need to select the second option, that is Returned order item(s) not received in original condition
Amazon Safe-t claim Policy

Now after selecting the reason for Safe-T Claim, you need to upload damaged products photos along with packaging and shipping labels here.

Amazon safe-t policy

After selection of reason, you need to upload the pictures of returned order to complete file of Safe-T Claim

You can check here for sample photos which you need to upload for your orders Safe-T Claim

Three photos you need to upload for this safe-t claim file

  1. Photograph of the contents of return * Check Sample Photo Here
    2. Photograph of the returned package with the shipping label affixed * Check Sample Photo Here
    3. Serial number of the item * Check Sample Photo Here

    Now after uploading all the pictures you need to describe the complete issue clearly, you can use up to 5000 words to describe your problem with the returned order.

    Please don’t forget to mention the order number and registered mail id and mobile number.


After that please click on Confirm and Click on Submit Safe-T Claim

Now you can check the status of Submitted Safe-T Claim filed under Order Tabs there is an option for Manage Safe-T Claims

Amazon safe-t policy

When your safe-t claim approved, the status will appear under Claim Status.

Generally its take 48-72 hours for investigation of your safe-t claim. If still, you are facing any issue regarding Amazon Returned Orders you can contact Amazon Seller Support

Or you can ask us for any kind of guidance regarding Amazon Seller Account. If you want to ask anything please share your issue in the comment box or drop a mail on

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