How To Start Selling On Limeroad | An Ultimate Step By Step Guide

How To Start Selling Or Register On Limeroad

E-commerce is insanely growing in India and fashion shopping platforms like Limeroad have revolutionized the online shopping experience for Indian consumers. There is a great business opportunity for the manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers who sell on LimeRoad by becoming a LimeRoad seller. 

Registration on Limeroad is not so direct like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. you have to follow some uncommon steps to successfully start your selling career on Limeroad.

Steps: LimeRoad Seller Registration

Nowadays direct seller registration not allowed on Limeroad, also there is no direct link available for seller registration on Limeroad site.

But still, if you want to increase your online selling, you need to start with it’s a well-known name for fashion and home-furnishing products.

start registration on Limeroad

Kindly note this you have to mail on both the above-mentioned mail ids.

Now what you have to write in this mail::

Mail Title: We want to start selling on Limeroad / How to start selling on Limeroad
Mail Body: Now write your complete details, like your business name, brand name, product category, city name, etc.

For Example, I am the owner of ABC Enterprises, who is dealing in Footwear so I am writing a mail like this

Dear Sir/Mam

I am a manufacturer of Sports Shoes. (Mentioned your product details/product category name)
My Business Name is:: ABC Enterprises (Mentioned your Business Name)
I am from:: XYZ CITY (Mentioned your city name)

Now I want to sell my products on, So please guide me on how can I start to list my products on your site.

Now what you have to do??

Now you have to wait for some time, when your request will assign to someone from the Limeroad seller help desk team, they will respond on the same mail. (It may take up to 7 working days or more)
but when we have submitted the request we got a response on the same day. In some cases, they will respond on the same day also.

Now they will ask you to share some of your details, you will get responses like this.

Now, just copy the same mail and revert them with your details like this. Keep in mind you have to reply to the same mail which you have received from Limeroad Seller Support Team.

  1. Company Name:  ABC Enterprises (Mention your Business Name)
  2. Brand Name: ABC Brand (Mention your brand name)
  3. Registered Mail ID: (Mentioned your mail Id, this mail id will be used for registration on Limeroad seller panel so mention only that mail id which you want to use for registration)
  4. Contact Person Name: ABC (Mention contact person’s name)
  5. Number: XXXXXXXXX (Mention your contact number where you can get a call)
  6. ASP (Average Selling Price) of products. XYZ Rs. (Mention your products average sell price)
  7. Category of products.: Footwear (Mention your footwear category)
  8. Sample Images of products: Attach sample images of your products. (Make sure to share the image with white background and proper dimension, if you have more than one view of your product, so please attach all views, AVOID TO SHARE ROUGH IMAGES OR MOBILE CAPTURED IMAGES, it may be a cause of seller rejection)

Selling on Limeroad

Now send the mail, and wait for the response from their side.

(If you are selling in Apparels, Handicrafts or etc you will get respond with margin modules like this)
In the case of footwear sellers, you will not receive a margin module for confirmation.

Selling on limeroad

  • Now you have to choose the margin module with which you want to start selling on Limeroad, if you are getting any issue in the margin module you can ask over mail, just mention your concern in reply to that mail.
  • Now if you are ready to start with Module-2 (25% Margin) You have to mention that in reply to that mail.
  • Now after sending margin module confirmation, you have to wait for some days.
  • Once your details get verified they will mail you with your Limeroad Seller Panel Login Credentials, Not this, Limeroad seller id and password you can not create by your self directly.
  • Now after some days, you will get an E-mail with heading like this: Limeroad Vendor Portal Login Details.
  • In this mail, you find your login credentials with the Limeroad seller panel link.

Selling on limeroad

After Receiving Login Details

  • Now open login URL-
  • Enter your Username and password which you have received on mail and then click on Sign In.

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