Playerzpot Point System- Detailed Review Of Cricket, Kabaddi, Football

Playerzpot Point System

Football | Kabaddi | Cricket check the point system before building any team in Playerzpot.

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Playerzpot FootBall Point System

Football Attack

Scoring TypePoints
Goal By GoalKeeper9 Point
Goal By Defender8
Goal By Midfielder7
Goal By Forward10
Each Goal Assis5
Per 2 Shots on Target1
Each Penalty Miss-5

Football Defense

Scoring TypePoints
Per 2 Fouls-1
Per 2 saves by GK1
Per 2 Clearence1
Per 2 Blocks1
Each Penalty Save7
Clean Sheet By a GoalKeeper6
Clean Sheet by a Defender4
Clean By a Mid F.3

Bonus & Penalties

Scoring TypePoints
In Playing XI4
Plays as substitute1
On the field for 60 min or more1
Each Yellow card-2
Each Red Card-4
Own Goal-5
Each Hattrick6
Bonus For winning team players2
concedes more than 2 goals-2
Fair Play1
Per 2 fouls Drawn1
Team with Max possession1
Per 2 offsides-1
Pass Accuracy 60% or more {Min 15 passes}2
  • Clean Sheet bonus is given for not conceding a goal in the entire match.
    In case if a player receives two yellow cards then -4 & -4 of a red card which makes the total of -8 points.
  • If a player receives a red card, then they will be penalised for goals conceded by their team so be careful with the player’s selection.
  • Assists bonus are given to the player belongs to the scoring team, which makes the final pass before any of the team member scores a goal valid only on intentional passes.
  • Points are calculated from the stats of various sources.
  • Fairplay bonus- For not receiving any Yellow/Red cards.
  • If any player completes at least 15 passes having an accuracy of 60% or more, Then passing accuracy bonus is rewarded.
  • Clearance bonus is given If a player plays for 60 Minutes or more.
    If a team concedes more than 3 goals then -2 points penalty to all the players including substitute players too.

Playerzpot Kabaddi Point System

Kabaddi Attacking

Scoring TypePoints Description
Touch Point2For each touch point
Bonus1For taking bonus point
Per Super raid2Super Raid + Bonus + Touch points per player

Kabaddi Defending

Scoring TypePointDescription
Every Tackle4For every successful tackle
Super Tackle6Successful tackle when defenders are 3 or less

Kabaddi Bonus

Scoring TypePointsDescription
Green Card-2Warning
Yellow card-3Out for some minutes
Red card-4Rare
Winning Bonus2
Perfect 102Player who scores 10-14 points in a match
Fantastic 156Player who scores 15-19 points in a match
Terrific 208Players who scores more than 20 points or more
  • A player receives 4 points for being a part playing 7 & substitute player receives 2 pts.
  • Star Players receives 2X , Captain 1.5X, Z factor player gets x0.5 {Half} the points he/she scores.
  • In case of perfect 10, Fantastic 15, Terrific 20 points are given on the basis of the performance by the player including all the points of raiding, defence etc.

Playerzpot Cricket Point System

Cricket - Batting

Scoring TypeT20/10ODITest
Per Run111
For Hitting 4211
Golden Duck-4-5NA
Platinum Duck-5-6NA
Strike Rate 80 & Below-10-5NA
B/w 80.1 to 10000NA
B/w 100.1 to 12032NA
B/w 120.1 to 14055NA

Cricket Bowling

Scoring TypeT20/T10ODITest
Per Wicket202020
3 Wicket {Bonus}151515
5 Wicket {Bonus}202020
Economy under 32520NA
"" 3 to 4992015NA
"" 5 to 7.491510NA
"" 7.50 to 9.9955NA
From 10 or above-5-10NA

Cricket - Fielding

Scoring TypeT20/T10ODITest
Run out888
Thrower/ Catcher5/35/35/3
  • For being a part of playing XI will receive 4 points. Substitute players will not get any points.
  • Economy rate is only applicable to bowlers and All Rounders.
  • Economy rate of a Player is considered if he/she must bowl at-least 2 Overs in T20 / T10 and 5 Overs for ODI. An economy is not valid in test format
  • Strike rate is not applicable to bowlers, others are included.
  • Strike rate of a Player, She/ he must face at least 10 Balls in T20 / T10, 20 Balls in ODI. Not calculated in Test format.
  • Clean Bowling is only applicable to Bowlers and All Rounders.
  • Clean bowling point is given if a bowler completes its spell without giving extra runs.
  • Diamond Duck – player gets out without facing any bowl.
  • Golden Duck- out on the first ball.

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