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Only a few decent sites remaining in the world of sports fantasy sites & We are proud to say that Playerzpot is one the best multi-sport fantasy we’ve reviewed so far. Play Fantasy cricket, Football, Kabaddi on App & earn lots of real money easily. Download Playerzpot App

Earn 10% amount on every public pot your referrals join for a lifetime. This referral system is best & worth in the long run, All you need is active persons who can join fantasy leagues regularly. Earned bonus can is usable in all leagues, unlike other sites where bonus can be used to join selected leagues. Ex {Your Referral joins a league of 10Rs, You’ll get 10% of his joining = 10*10/100= 1 Rs bonus } Sounds less, Right? No, it’s not. No site will pay you an unlimited joining bonus for the lifetime. Convert your bonus into winnings by playing paid leagues

Not only the Refer & Earn, but withdrawals are also highlighting part of Playerzpot. There are multiple cashout options like {Paytm, Bank Withdrawal, IMPS}. KYC is not mandatory in some cases provide PAN no. & withdraw your winnings in Paytm account, For bank withdrawals, KYC is must. Cashed-out almost 30k+ amount never faced any single issue.

Download Playerzpot app

Playerzpot App is available for both ANDROID & IOS  platform. App is super smooth & responsive all thanks to regular updates provided by  management team, they are improving their app regularly.

Playerzpot App for IOS

Playerzpot App for Android

The only thing we miss is the selection % of players which actually helps in selection of players

Requirements to rule in Playerzpot

  • Mobile No & E-mail
  • Pan card + AAdhar
  • Paytm A/c {Full-KYC}
  • Bank Account {Optional}
  • Android/IOS device
  • Little Investment {Optional}
  • Some friends to refer

How to Join Playerzpot?

  1. Go to Playerzpot
  2. Login with Facebook or Gmail(Recommended).
  3. Click on Gmail > Login your Gmail account > Enter Refer code: HARSH178 {Mandatory to get a signup bonus of 10}
  4. In case of referral code error, check if any extra space is there or not.
  5. you will get a confirmation mail. Click on the confirmation link to verify your membership.


Playerzpot –  Khiladiyon Ke Khiladi Contest (K3C)

  • Contest Period from 1st Dec -31st Dec.
  • All eligible registered users can enter in this contest.
  • Users who has 200 and above Referrals on or before 30th Nov. will not be eligible for the contest.
  • .Users Point will be calculated on the basis of (During the Contest Period

For more info about his offer :

How to play in Playerzpot?

  1. Select available matches from League match fixtures.
  2. Now, Choose your best 11 according to performance and current form.
  3. Choose your Star player, Captain wisely. Star player will score 2x the scored points while captain will score 1.5x the scored points.
  4. Save your squad. You can create only 1 squad.
  5. Choose game pot according to credits.
  6. The game pot is locked is an hour before the official match commencement time.

Playerzpot Promotional/Regular Offers

playerzpot app

  • Get 25% Cashback on your First Deposit.
  • Offer is valid from 16t Sept- 15th November.
  • Valid for once per new user.
  • Cashback is limited to 25 rs.

Team Choosing Criteria

After selecting the desired league, Choose your players on the basis of below-mentioned points. After the new Point system update, Playerzpot equally favors Batting & Bowling. So, It is recommended to give priority to both batsmen & bowlers

  1. Choose a Team of your choice: To join the game, select fantasy cricket/football squad of 11 players.
  2. Players per Team: A Maximum of 7 players from a single team can be selected. {7:4}
  3. Team Size: You can create a Squad of 11 players by selecting players from both teams competing against each other in real-life matches.
  4. Alloted points: The total value of your squad must be less than or equal to 1000.
  5. Squad name: Not greater 20 letters.

Cricket Team Selection Criteria

  • Batsman: min: 3 max: 5
  • Bowlers: min: 3 max: 5
  • All-Rounders: min: 1 max: 5
  • Wicket Keeper: 1

Football Team Selection Criteria

  • 1GK
  • 3-5 Defenders
  • 3-5 MID
  • 1-3 FWD

Maximum of 7 players can be selected from 1 team. 1000 gems are allotted for team selection.

Kabaddi Team Selection Criteria

*Coming Soon*

Refer & Earn in Playerzpot

This is exciting, One of the best referral systems in the sports fantasy market. Just refer your friends & colleagues and motivate them to join paid leagues. Whenever your referred person joins a paid league you’ll get the 10% of their joining. Playerzpot is giving an ideal opportunity to make passive income by sharing the app.

Other Sports fantasy sites give refer benefits only once or don’t let you join paid leagues with 100% bonus money, Here you can join any league with 100% bonus money

  1. Go to Playerzpot app, Click on “More” then enter Refer n Earn tab.
  2. Copy your referral code or click on share to directly invite from Whatsapp, Facebook etc.
  3. Get 10% on every transaction your referrals make. {Lifetime}
  4. The referred person will get 10/25rs signup bonus.
  5. Bonus money is credited only after completion of the match.
  6. There is no refer limit, unlike Myteam11 fantasy.
  7. You cannot withdraw a bonus amount, Join Paid leagues & convert that bonus amount into winnings.
  8. Don’t create multiple accounts/Private leagues to convert bonus.
  9. Bonus money gets expire after a period, So it is recommended to use them on regular basis.



How to withdraw in Playerzpot?

  1. You need to verify your account first. It is a one-time and a mandatory process to withdraw money.
  2. Visit your profile > KYC tab.
  3. Enter your Bank details – Profile Name, Bank Name, Account Name, Account No., Branch Name, IFSC Code.
  4. Enter your Pan number.
  5. Upload aadhar card details and upload a clear image of it.
  6. Click on save. You will receive an update on the verification status within 5 days.

PAYTM withdrawal: Min Withdrawal – 150 ; Max – 5000 |One transaction per 24 hrs.| If withdrawal amount is more than 1999 then 1.5% transaction will be levied.

BANK withdrawalMin Withdrawal – 150 ; Max – 5000 |One transaction per 24 hrs.| On every withdrawal 3% charges will be levied | KYC verifification is compulsory |.

INSTANT withdrawalIMPS withdrawal is now added by Playerzpot. Min withdrawal – 150 : Max – 5000/Day. KYC is must | 3% transaction charges willl be levied on withdrawan amount.


*Account verification can take up to 7 working days.

*Account name and Pan Card name must be same.

Playerzpot App Updates {Changelogs}

Version 1.2.2! {Whats New}

  • Kabaddi Sport mode is live 😀
  • Squad size increased from 3 to 7
  • Most awaited – Clone feature is now available. Clone your teams with ease.
  • Checkout new swap feature in the viewthe view standing page.
  • Entry into pots with multiple squads.
  • Free/Infinity/Goodies pots are added.
  • IMPS will be active from 9th october.
  • Paytm withdrawal increased from 5k to 10k.
  • Security Updates
  • Bug Fixes

Cash Prizes in Playerzpot

  1. Ranking and Points will be updated during and at the end of the match.
  2. Winnings will be credit in some hours after the game ends.
  3. You can view/check your wallet balance from the top-right of the page.
  4. An only winning amount is eligible to withdraw.


Playerzpot Payment Proof


Reasons to Choose Playerzpot

  • Instant Payment
  • Super responsive app
  • Good customer support
  • Multi-Sport fantasy
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Fast & consistent payments
  • Unlimited refer bonus for the lifetime
  • Supports IOS app platform
  • Deposit offers.
  • Less KYC work

Issues In Playerzpot

  • Lack of proper grand leagues
  • Less participation in grand leagues
  • Refer N earn system isn’t recommended for small referrers
  • Once a day withdrawal limit
  • fewer matches compared to Halaplay & Dream11
  • Less signup bonus


Playerzpot FAQ’s & Help 

  • Playerzpot is a sports fantasy site where you can earn lots of money by just predicting in your favorite sports like CRICKET, FOOTBALL, KABADDI. Sports fantasy sites are 100% legal & secure and approved by Govt. except for some states like ASSAM, ORISSA, TELANGANA.
  • If you are not too sure about fantasy predictions, don’t worry. You can learn the Fantasy Cricket Game by playing free leagues this will ultimately boost your team creation & risk-taking abilities.
  • The game begins 40 minutes Before the official match commencement time, It means you have to join paid leagues 40 min before the match start time, You can’t add or edit teams after the deadline.
  • You can change squad, C & VC before the deadline by clicking on manage squad. you can see the opponent’s team when all the pots are locked.
  • You can select max – 7 players from one team in Cricket & football while 4 in Kabaddi.
  • Fantasy points of players are generally updated within minutes & winners are declared within 1 hour of match completion.
  • In case of a tie, Prize money is equally distributed. Ex- Winning = 200 – 2 participants, then 100-100 will be distributed to each.
  • You can download Playerzpot app for Android & IOS platform and can take part in all available sports mode, website supports only cricket fantasy leagues.
  • Player’s gems are dynamic and can change in next matches according to the performances. A player form is generally calculated on the basis of last 5 performances.
  • Bonus points are given on the basis of player performance in the match. You can check the Playerzpot scoring criteria for more information.
  • If captain earns total points in decimal no.  then the upper value of the point is selected.
    For EX: If the captain receives 11.5 points we consider it as 12 points.
  • Sometimes the winning amount is reduced because of an unfilled pot. Ex- If there is a league of 1000 entries but only 650 filled in that winning amount of pot will also reduce. It’s better to avoid Grand pot they generally they never fill.
  • You can join a variety of Pots like 2 members, 3 members, 5 members and 10 members Pots (depending on the number of competitors in a Pot). Join Strategy/Free Pots to intensify your Fantasy Cricket experiences until you are convinced with your selection skills to enter the Paid Pots to win Cash.

  • To win real cash you’ve to join paid leagues of any type (2,3,5,10,20 & other members league)
  • A Pot with more than one winner or many winners will be signified by the Winners banner.

  • The Fantasy Cricket Squad which gets the highest points at the end of the round will be declared as the conqueror of that Pot. There is no reverse pot like Halaplay.

Refer n Earn –

  • whenever the user referred by you join a public pot after the match is completed you get 10% of the amount invested by the referred User for rest of your life. If your referred person has invested 50rs, You’ll get 10% of it i.e 5 rs.
  • Your refer code is permanent, The person you refer has to enter your Playerzpot refer code to avail signup bonus.
  • You’ll not get refer benefits if the person you referred forgot to enter your referral code during signup.

Account Balance general notes

  • You can check account balance in Playerzpot app & website.
  • Add money by clicking on wallet symbol.
  • Only winnings amount is withdrawable.
  • Paytm, Bank Withdrawal, IMPS are the available withdrawal modes.
  • WIthdrawals are allowed only once per day.

Verification General notes

  • Bank passbook, driving license or PAN card. Also, you may have to enter some details manually. You can visit KYC tab in profile page for more information.

  • If your documents are rejected then do check their authenticity or upload clear pics again.
  • Verification can take up to 7 days in rare cases otherwise 1-2 days.

Other Legalities

  • You must be at least 18 years of age to participate in cash leagues
  • If you win 10,000 or more in a single pot, a tax of 30.9% is deducted. For e.g., If you win Rs.2,00,000, a tax of Rs.61,800 will be deducted and your actual winnings are Rs.138200.

 Playerzpot contact & Social media Profiles


Playerzpot Address

Shop no-3, Apurva CHS, Plot N0 B-22, Sec-20B
Airoli, Navi Mumbai

SUNDAY: Closed




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